Sunday, January 06, 2008

Same Old Same Old.


Until our solicitor comes back from his Xmas holiday tomorrow (17 days), no progress can be made. We are just 2 pieces of paper away from completion, and we don't know if our solicitor has these pieces of paper or not. Let's hope so, eh...
I'm finally getting to the end of our opening order. I know I said that a couple of weeks ago, but I keep going back to add/take things away. I know it could drive me mad, but I figure that it's worth spending a bit of extra time over it, whilst we wait for the keys.
I've got two reps appointments this week, and I'm going to a book launch. It's almost like I work in a bookshop isn't it. We'll it would be if one of the appointments wasn't at 8.45 tomorrow morning.
I haven't yet been to Tim's to put the bookshelves up, as Friday turned into a day where other things took over. Tim spent a long time trying to sort out why some documents that were sent to Glasgow apparently weren't there, and then seemed to turn up in Birmingham. Nevertheless, the good news was that they reached the right people in the end.
I spent a bit more time sorting out our credit accounts with various distributors, and doing some other secret stuff of which we can tell you all about very soon.

This is our 99th Blog entry. We've discussed ways to celebrate reaching our little milestone, so don't forget to come back for that. It might be alright.


Alis said...

Excellent! See you there!

Akasha Savage said...

Hey...I'll be there too. Alis is my friend!!!

Simon Key said...

Blimey, I wonder what happens when your blog world meets with your real world. Is the planet safe?
we'll find out on Thursday!