Monday, January 14, 2008

The it happens!


9.00 Tim phones Solicitor. There's some problem with the format of one of the documents. Rather than a letter of consent, it needed to have been an official questionnaire that was filled in. Apparently this unfilled form was sent by our solicitor twice (TWICE mind )to the people concerned to fill in, but it seems that both times it didn't arrive.

9.15 Tim phones our small business advisor. She agrees to find out whether our bank really needs this questionaire. She will call Tim back this morning. Tim will give her until 10.30 to reply....

9.48 The postman arrives at Tim's house with deeds, searches and stuff like that. This is fairly encouraging. Tim and Simon (who really should turn that frown upside-down) discuss when they should go and see the solicitor to sign these things and arrange an exchange date.

10.40 Had a great chat with Hereward Corbett, who's opening his own bookshop in Tetbury. He gave me more advice than I gave him, i fear.

11.20 I get a call from some other sign makers who I contacted about the sign for the shop. I email them the font.

11.30 I call Tim. He's chased our business advisor andleft a message on her phone. We decide that I should call her on the half hour, and he should call her on the hour.

11.32 I leave a message for her.

11.42 The facebook 'free books' offer has finished and I've got some books to send off to the people who've agreed to do reviews for the shop. (you've got to be in it to win it!)

12.05 Our small business advisor calls me. Apparently they do need the official questionnare. I ask if they'll accept a fax with the understanding that an original will follow. She says yes. I call Tim, who now has to call the people who have to fill this in and tell them to expect a fax of this form from our solicitor. He then has to call the solicitor and get him to fax the form. I suggest that Tim should ask our solicitor to call him back the moment the fax has been sent (just to be sure mind you).

12.12 Simon call a PDQ company to get a quote for a portable credit card reader. 'we'll get someone to phone you back'...

12.23 Simon put's on Bromheads Jacket 'Dits from the Commuter Belt' and whacks up the volume.

12.40 E-mailed an author to request an interview for the blog.

12.55 The PDQ company phoned back, and arranged to meet us to talk about exciting stuff like credit card charges. They seem fairly competitive.

1.00 Tim has lunch
1.00 Simon has lunch

1.32 Simon checked in with Tim. Tim has called the geezers who need to fill in the questionnaire and they said they can accept a fax. The processing of this will take 48 hours. Mmmm. Tim phones our solicitor to get him to fax the form over to be filled in.

1.40 Simon phones the small business advisor. He leaves a message about what's happening, and also tells her that Tim has asked our solicitor to send all the other forms to her Head Office for processing now to save time. So now all we're waiting for is this one document.
We agree that it would be good to see our solicitor on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday to go through the lease details, as that should coincide with the fax being returned to him, in theory.

I think that's all we can do for today about this.

2.15 Simon gets an e-mail back from the author, who say they'd be happy to do an interview.


adam said...

Have you joined the BA yet? They offer good deals on credit and debit card rates.

(About the only good thing about the BA but that's a whole other story...)

Simon Key said...

According to the BA we can't join them until we have the keys to the property, so all the forms are filled in and sitting in a file waiting.
I'll give them a ring and talk to them about this though, thanks.

adam said...

I'm pretty sure we joined the BA about 4 months before having any keys or even a premises at all to get keys for. Or maybe my memory's going...

Simon Key said...

I know you did. You told me when I came in to see you (maybe your memory is going!) I guess things are different for some reason. I've checked twice, and they still maintain this to be the policy. It's no biggy though.

Vanessa said...

I'm just grumpy that it appears that I have to join the BA in order to sell/take Book Tokens. I really don't know what other benefits joining has for us but I can't see many.

Karen said...

I finally got my BA pack through this week (after several attempts at sending) - after reading it over I'm a little disappointed so far... On another note, I feel your pain when it comes to solicitors - the seller's solicitor lost some of my important docs on the day I was due to pick up the keys which caused some last minute panics. But thankfully it all worked out in the end. I'm sure your lot will get their act together soon too!

Lindsay said...

Yay you are getting there! I have my fingers crossed that you get the final document sorted and all systems are go!

Where on facebook was the free books for reviews offer - I'm gutted that I missed it!

Simon Key said...

We're seeing the solicitor this afternoon, so hopefully we should have something to look forward to after that.
Lindsay, the books got nabbed almost immediately, so the offer was over almost as soon as it began.
I'll be doing another one soon, only available to facebook group members (which I see you are).