Monday, January 28, 2008

Catching Up


as there's been stuff happening recently, I haven't told you of a few things that have been going on in Big Green Bookshop world.

I went to a book launch a couple of weeks ago. The lovely and clearly very talented Alis Hawkins was celebrating her new (first) book Testament. Katie and I had a great time, and Alis made Katie and I feel extremely welcome. As we'd only spoken through the wonders of the internet that made it even more special. I wish i'd worn another hat though. I always seem to be photographed in this one, and I have some other one's that are much less tatty.

We also met Akasha Savage, another of our bloggy friends, whose latest short story on her blog is rather teasing....
Anyway, it was a great night and I hope the book does really well. Katie has just started reading it so I expect i'll get my hands on it soon!

Last week I went to a Catnip Publishing presentation in the glamorous setting of Wood Green library. They were highlighting the new releases and I had the pleasure to meet some of their authors.
Sarah Matthias, who's new book Tom Fletcher and the Angel of Death is out next month(?), was lovely and we spent ages chatting about the book/ bookshops / north london / kids. I have a copy of The Riddle of the Poisoned Monk, which I got in the goodie bag, which looks like my kind of book. It's aimed at 10+ year olds and I fit into that range.
Graham Marks, another local boy, was also extremely supportive, and offered to do all he could to help us!I happen to have one of his books too! What a lot of reading i've got to do.
I also have a copy of the marvellous Scaredy Squirrel makes a friend, which I read when I got home.

This is beginning to get long, so although there's a few more things to mention, i'll do it at a later date.


1. I'm now a reviewer with the second most popular music magazine in London, and by far the best

2. If anyone likes Fairport Convention, I have a great treat for you. If you don't know of them or need reminding, press the play button thing on the tv picture thing below here. Hasn't that female singer got an incredible voice.....

3. I mentioned a few weeks ago about a book that isn't out yet that I recently read and I think is an absolute masterpiece. Well, it's out in 3 weeks time, although i'm bursting to review it, I'm going to wait a little longer. But if you like a bit of horror, you're going to have to get this book.

I'm off now. Cheerio


Alis said...

Thanks, Simon - it was great to have you at the launch! Hope Katie enjoys Testament..

Lesley said...

Are you going to be stocking horror?

Simon Key said...

yes indeedy, but only the very best. I'll revisit the A and B catalogue, as I don't remember any horror books in there.
Vampire romance seems to be popular at the moment as well!

Giuseppe di Lampedusa aka Ivan Karamazov said...


Thanks for the Fairport clip. They are one of my all time fave bands. The line up on the clip is Fairport Mk 1. with Judy Dyble, Ian Matthews, the sublime Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, Ashley Hutchings and Martin Lamble (deceased). The song they're performing is from their eponymously titled first album.

Geeky enough for you?

Love G (or I)

Simon Key said...

Well G,

if you like Fairport Convention, I have a little treat for you on February 13th.
Ps I knew all that stuff too... Probably

JLH said...

Wow, thanks for the Fairport Conventions, one of my favorites! I didn't recognize Richard Thompson in the clip, though.... He played in my town recently (Asheville, NC, USA) but it was $28, too much. He comes about every year, and his kids have played here too at the LEAF Festival. Thanks, and very best wishes for THE Big Green Bookshop. If I ever get over that way, I'll come look around, and probably buy some stuff too.

MarkFarley said...

That's some epic ligging of Peaches Geldof proportions, young man.

Lesley said...

Na, there wouldn't be anything horror related in the last catalogue - we've just signed up a Brit horror writer, so hope to send you more info on him as soon as. Variety being the spice of life we're also doing some fantasy and, yes the new favourite, paranormal/vampire romance this year too - bring on the bloodsuckers I say!
Really enjoying the blog, and experiencing similar tortuous progress buying a house at the moment - so in painful sympathy!