Friday, January 25, 2008

In The Dark (but is that light at the end of the tunnel?)


no call back from business advisor about what's going on. Choose from the following

  • Well, it's Friday isn't it.
  • they have it in hand
  • we don't need to know
  • they don't know what they're doing
  • we don't know what they're doing
  • what document?
  • they forgot
  • they have nothing to tell us
  • they have lost their phone
  • they have lost our phone numbers
  • they're still working and are about to call
  • something bad has happened and they don't want to phone
  • something good has happened and they have collapsed in disbelief
  • they have phoned and I forgot about it
  • I didn't ask them to phone
  • it wasn't worth the effort
  • they no longer understand the phrase 'please phone me back'
  • they are going to come round in person
  • they phoned the wrong person
  • something else came up
  • they couldn't care less
  • there's a fault on the line
  • they phoned Tim and he hasn't told me
  • it's the way things work nowadays and i'm just going to have to get used to it

you can choose as many as you like. I suspect that she tried to find out what's going on in the department that's dealing with us and they haven't phoned her back, so she hasn't phoned us back. That's standard procedure. Larks and laughs all round.

I think that we might have made some progress today, and between you and me i'm quite excited about it. I shall assume the position for the inevitable kick in the goolies that's on its way on Monday though...


Barb McMahon said...

I choose option two - they have it in hand.

Advisors, lawyers, estate agents - never understand the importance of moment by moment updates, do they?

Hope you can relax at some point this weekend.

Giuseppe di Lampedusa said...

Here's another option: you'll wake up on Monday morning, rub the sleep from your eyes and go to work at Waterstones, High St, Wood Green as usual.

Simon Key said...

I'm sure you're right Barb, i'm already relaxing thanks.

Giuseppe, you can stop that right now, you cheeky sicilian.

Vanessa said...

These people - you'd never think you were paying them to be so useless!

I shall have my fingers crossed on Moday that things get a bit more sorted out. And you can think of me tomorrow, in the office filling in the VAT return and doing the annual accounts. At least you're spared that at the moment!

On a lighter note - I've booked my pass for the LBF - are you guys coming?