Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Night.


I'm off on holiday tomorrow. Me and Katie are off to Bideford for a few days. We're taking our bikes (we're not cycling from London to Devon, we'll let the train take the strain), and spending a few days in a cottage with family. I've got my mobile and hopefully Katie's brother has taken his laptop, but it'll be quite nice to take a break from it all. Tim's going to be flying solo in the meantime, and with 2 possible shops anything could happen, so hopefully I won't have to come back early!

Me and Tim are off to the pub this evening to meet a couple of old Wood Green colleagues, so i'd better pack now.

I thought i'd stick a few tunes on here to get me in the mood for some beer.

They stole my moves.

This isn't the Strokes, in case you were wondering

Terry Hall is, as the young people say 'well nang'.

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MarkFarley said...

Ah, you got me in the mood for some Specials now,