Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's Not All Sunshine and Rainbows

++Bookshop Update++
Although it's all been relatively straightforward so far, and we've not hit any major obstacles, there has been a bit of a sticking point recently. The leaseholder of the shop-to-be is being very elusive. The offer was accepted 2 weeks ago, and the geezer needed to take a copy of his passport to the estate agent and sign a few bits and pieces. Thing is, he keeps putting it off, and we're getting a bit worried that it's dragging on a bit too long. We've given him until Friday to come up with the 'goods', or we'll be looking for another place. There are a couple of other options. They are bigger but not in the ideal location, but we'll wait and see.
In better news though, i'm doing a column in Retail Week this week. I e-mailed the editor a couple of days ago to see if he'd be interested in a feature, and blow me down, he was. There's a regular column called 'Under the Counter', and i've put together a piece for this.
Also, I had a lovely interview with Victoria Hunt from Publishing News this afternoon, and I think there's going to be a piece about us next week.
And Lynne Featherstone (our local MP) has labelled us 'my favourite bookish duo' in her blog. High praise indeed.

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Vanessa said...

Good luck with your leasholder. I'm currently having a similar problem with my mortgage broker who seems to be on a go-slow while the people we're buying from seem to be trying to push things though faster! We'll all get there in the end no doubt but it would be good to avoid the extra stress.