Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Happy, Joy Joy


It's about time we had some better news, so here it is.
We've possibly (he says cautiously) found another site for the shop. We had a look at the beauty parlour, and although it was OK, neither of us were convinced by it. We strolled back up the High Road and past the site of the old Waterstone's, which still lies empty. En route we popped in to the internet cafe (this was the shop we'd originally had down as the new bookshop site) and had a chat with the geezer running the place. He's still relly keen to sell up but as he's not the majority shareholder he can't do anything. We said we'd still be interested so he said positive things which we took with a pinch of salt.
We then visited our friend/contact at the Shopping Centre, who mentioned a site that was coming up very soon. It's cheap, the location is ideal and it's a great size. We both loved it, and will now spend the next fortnight hassling him to let us have it as soon as possible.
I don't want to get too excited, because we've been in this situation before, but after last week, a bit of positive news doesn't go amiss.

We're spending the next couple of days collecting all the entries for the 'Name the Bookshop' competition from all the local schools, and then it's decision time.

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Vanessa said...

I have absolutely everything crossed that this is THE shop and all works out ok.

We get the keys tomorrow for our place and all of a sudden it seems real and scary! We open in less than 4 weeks......