Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Name That Bookshop!


right, back to reality.

We've had a load of entries for this. Just to remind you we wanted the local residents to choose the name of our shop,so we ran a competition and sent out entry forms to all the schools in the area, and also the local paper ran an article. Anyway, the closing date was last Monday, but because of the postal strike we're extending the closing date to 27th. Tim and I have been phoning the 70 schools in haringey to arrange to pick up entries/see if they have any entry forms/remind them.
I've just spoken to Tim and he has just had 3 large envelopes with loads of entries in, so that's rather good.

Haringey is a large borough so I hope not too many schools want us to pick 'em up, or else my 30 mile bike ride recently might be usurped!

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