Tuesday, October 09, 2007

God Save the Green


Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks. And not the ones preceeded by 'never mind'.

The leaseholder has let us down. He's been stringing us along for over 3 weeks now, and despite many reminders from our Estate Agent and many hollow promises, he failed once again to turn up for his meeting today. I don't get it really. Either the shop was up for offer or not. Why waste the Estate Agents time and our time by doing this. The offer was accepted and we'd sorted out our solicitor and built our business plan around this property. He's obviously a big arse head.

Anyway, now that's out of my system.....

We have a couple of options now;
1. We can wait for another shop to come up in a great location and risk not getting in before xmas, and so miss the busiest shopping month of the year.
2. We can move into another shop that's 5 minutes away from the shop we'd wanted, and therefore not in the ideal location. However we could sort it all out before xmas.

we have to take into consideration that we're both unemployed at the moment and have mortgages to pay etc.
The advantage of option 2 is that if another place turned up in a better location next year we'd already have a shop and it would be easier to relocate.
The danger of option 2 is that the customers would be thinner on the ground.

I guess it's one of those 'believe in yourself' moments.


Vanessa said...

Oh no! How frustrating for you both! We've had a pain of an agent working for the sellers who's been putting masses of pressure on us and being awkward about the various surveys etc that we wanted done. Last week he rang me to say that the seller had said that we signed today or the deal was off - WFT? The seller's 90 and I really can't see that she's going to be be so hard-nosed about it! He was downright threatening and actually reduced me to tears which takes quite some doing. Once this is settled next week, I'm going to have his whatsits on a plate and we're going to the senior partner and his professional body to make formal complaints and I reckon my solicitor is scarier than them!

But I digress. Really am dreadfully sorry and sure another property will come up. But if you take Property 2 will you be able to relocate next year as you say? Will you be able to get out of your lease that easily? And don't underestimate how busy you'll be - will you have time to look for somewhere else?

We open in four weeks and I'm buckling at the knees under the amount of stuff that needs doing! Fingers crossed that the deal can be saved even now.

Welshcake said...

I'm a Hornsey resident and I've just found your blog. I used to be a regualar customoer at Waterstones and miss it hugely. Good luck with what you're doing. I hope you find the right premises soon - is there no hope of sorting Property 1?

Ralph said...

Call it the 'Wood Green Book Depositry'.

What about hosting some book events with writers etc. I manage the Millfield Arts Centre just down the road.

Get in touch with me at www.millfieldtheatre.co.uk



Anonymous said...

Oh no! That’s rubbish - but it will work out - I was thinking the other day just how much I missed a bookshop in Wooders and how lovely it will be to have an independent one just around the corner…
So come on then – where’s the location!!! :)