Monday, October 29, 2007

Many Happy Returns

Well i'm back. Did Tim mention that i've been on holiday?

This is me and Tom (Katie's cousin)outside an amazing toy museum in Bude. I was more excited than him.

We also went a Halloween Fancy Dress Party on Saturday.

This is me with an axe in my head.

Anyway, Tim's been keeping up the pressure to keep things going, (Ben and Adam, thanks for the advice, we've arranged to see my accountant this week, who has been great in the past).
We went to see our solicitor, Norman, today. Tim had George and Harry (his kids) with him, and Norman managed to keep them amused at the same time as sorting out the paperwork for us. We do however have to get Tim's cat to sign the papers as well now, as George insisted he was part of the family.
Afterwards we parted company, with Tim and co. heading to KFC, and me heading home to catch up on e-mails, paperwork etc. I feel completely out of the loop at the moment, but there's loads to do.
We have the naming of the shop to sort out. We're all meeting up on Thursday evening to make the decision, and have invited Stephen Moore from the local paper to be part of the panel that makes the decision. Stephen's been a great support to us so far, and since he put the 'Name the Bookshop' competition in the paper, the number of entries has exceeded 450.
We're going to start work on the opening stock this week as well, which is as close to working in a bookshop as we've been since redundancy. Hurrah!
I'm also going to try and persuade the guys who are moving out of the shop to let us have the keys early. They're really keen to move out, and we obviously want to get the keys off them as soon as possible so we can tear it apart and make it a bookshop, so if their solicitor is OK with it we might be in the building sooner than we'd hoped.

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