Sunday, October 14, 2007


Sorry for the delay...

The shop we saw on Wednesday was a definite no. I spoke to the chief geezer in the Estate Agents who gave me a bit more information about it (i wish we'd been told this earlier).The important bits were
1. They'd already had lots of offers on the property from large chains and therefore the landlord wasn't interested in any other offers
2. It's an A2 type property, which means it can be used as a bookies or a bank, or interestingly enough an Estate Agents. I understand these types of property are harder to find.

So maybe Wood Green will be getting another bookies, which would be just what it needs.

We have one more place to look at tomorrow. It's a beauty salon at the moment, and it's less than a minutes walk from the tube station, so you never know.....well, we certainly don't!

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