Monday, December 10, 2007

Gold(blend) Frank(carson)insense and mirth


'It's A Cracker'

Ah, my Dad would have been proud of me with a joke like that.

So, Monday......well, I didn't wake up at 4am, which was a bonus. I made the obligatory phone calls to the Estate Agents, and there was a positive spin on our conversation. I'm not holding my breath though. There's still loads of ordering to do and still some negotiating with our lovely lovely distributors (who are all lovely and that extra 4% would be great). I spoke to Amanda from Baker and Taylor who we hope to have a very fruitful relationship with, as I can't imagine there'll be too many US imports in the WH Smiths down the road. She told us that there was a lot to said for getting in the Kid's imports and we'll definitely be looking into it in the new year.

But enough about trivial things like books. On Friday I purchased the essential item of any business. The Coffee Maker. As you can see it's a digital one, and has a 12 cup capacity and as well as the hot plate to keep the coffee warm for longer, it also has an adjustable strength selecter. Just look at it ............


So we're sorted really aren't we.

On the Font for the shop competition, despite number 4 still winning, there's still a chance for a late surge from any of the others (please). As i've said before, if you need a better view of them, just click the thing underneath them and you'll be redirected to a bigger version.

Oh, and Tim. The Bookseller needs a picture of us together by Wednesday, so we'd better scrub up again.


Vanessa said...

Oh I managed to fob them off with a pic of the shop, not being keen on having my picture taken myself...!

Nice coffee maker boys - next time I'm down in the Smoke I shall come and avail myself of its contents.

Sabine said...

Don't forget to buy a kettle for Tim. He's a tea man, if I remember correctly!