Saturday, December 15, 2007

High Street


only 10 days to go!!

So, I hear it's not that busy on the high street. We're not missing much then.............

Finally after a late surge from choices 2 and 5, you voted for this to be our logo

Despite everything I said, I like this, and it's probably the best choice if I had my commercial head on. Thanks to everyone who voted, even if you didn't vote for my first choice (3).
This will soon be seen emblazoned on our shopfront (it 's actually gonna be on the shop side, but more of that nearer opening time), and then on our second and third stores later in the year.


Stuart said...

As logos go it's the nicest of the ones in the vote.

I'm sorry but I still think the name is a problem... no matter how many times I see it; 'The Big Green Bookshop' still sounds like a shop that just sells books about the environment

Tim West and Simon Key said...

hello Stuart,
please don't apologise, it's not a problem to us. Our customers will be able to work it out pretty quickly. Much like Blackwell's, who don't sell Black Wells, or Selfridges who don't just sell fridges.
It's nice to know it's stuck in your head though.

Baboon said...

Will you only be selling s/f books? the logo strongly suggests this.

And I would suggest it is not your customers shop, nor those who read your blog - who are likely to be friends or industry types (not all), but yours and as such you shouldn't bother fannying about with votes as this is unlikely to choose the most characterful and impactful image, nor the one that projects you across the street, but the one that offends the fewest, and I don't supppose this is what your shop is about.
Choose the one you like and be done with it - focus groups and the ike have their place but for an indie bookshops with sme attitude it aint

Tim West and Simon Key said...

hello Mr Baboon,

no, as i've said before we're going to be a general bookshop, and I disagree.

as I've explained before, we chose the shortlist, so it was our choice.

the shortlist all passed the 'projection test' as i've said before.

we like the choice, and we are done with it.

We realise that we aren't perfect and it's sometimes useful getting other people's opinions, hence the vote.