Monday, December 03, 2007



Three more books we're going to stock. Although they're traditionally christmas books, they can be read any time of the year, and still keep the magic.

Box Of Delights by John Masefield

Written in the 1930's, this wonderful story is still as thrilling now as it was then. It centres around a boy called Kay Harker, who meets a mysterious Punch and Judy man called Cole Hawkins. Cole entrusts Kay with a magical box which gives the owner special powers. The trouble is that the evil Abner Brown and his gang are also after the box....

The Christmas Mystery by Jostein Gaarder

I loved Sophie's World and this is another great story. A young boy called Joachim finds an old wooden advent calendar in a bookstore, and when he gets it home and opens the first door on December 1st, discovers a note. This is the first clue to a cracking and magical (magical again!) tale.

A Christmas Carol by Boz

Spooky, exciting and less than £2 in the dover edition. It's a well deserved classic.

Read 'em to yourself or read 'em aloud.

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