Friday, December 21, 2007

A Day Off


Despite everything, this has been my first day off for ages. I have in fact done nothing bookshopworthy for a whole day. I am a little bit of an obsessive, as Tim will happily tell you, after i've bombarded him with crazy ideas that have kept me awake the previous night. It worries me occasionally, that even when the shop opens i'll be like this, and sneak back to the shop in the dead of night to rearrange the cookery section by price or something equally strange.
I think it's a question of control. I'm not in control of things at the moment, and i'm relying on Landlords, solicitors, and building societies to sort stuff out that I can do nothing about. This makes me feel uncomfortable, and as such my mind tries to redress the balance by bouncing around loads of ideas. It'll hopefully prove really useful, as i've now got a long long list of things that we can try in the shop. I guess it's already helped, as it meant that we've shamelessly contacted hundreds of people to tell them about the shop, and requested help.
The response from this has been amazing, and it sometimes astounds us that we've had so much interest and support. We are listed in the Bookseller this week as one of their 'Bookshop Perfect 10' of new independent bookshops, i've secured a regular slot in Retail Week, and as Tim has mentioned before, we have had interest from BBC television (of which we can hopefully tell you more about soon!). We'd have never had time to get all this sorted if we had a shop to run, so it's all swings and roundabouts innit.
And now our solicitor is on holiday until the new year, so there's nothing we can do until he comes back. I might explode. So, if anyone wants their car washed or their drain unblocked, give me a call. I warn you that I might be going through an Usborne catalogue for the 5th time making sure that we have all the titles we need, or trying out a variety of tills to see which one has the best action, but you might be lucky.

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