Friday, December 28, 2007

Hi Ho, Hi Ho. It's Back to Work We Go.


Ten things to do while the Solicitors, Banks and Assorted offices have an unnecessarily long Christmas break. (It's only one day for God's sake..... Sorry, been in corporate retail toooo long)

1) Buy Tea (Simon has his coffee maker all sorted, but what about those of us who are old enough to remember life before "Friends"?)
2) Buy kettle (Ever tried to make tea in a coffee maker?)
3) Buy coffee table (Why isn't it called a tea table?)
4) Discuss lay out for sign with sign makers. (I believe the guys we're using are French, giving them tea is probably an insult)
5) Chat to old chum Neil at Autumn. (Tea for the chat. Coffee or brandy to recover)
6) Create account form and advertising for local schools, and decide opening offers or events. (Why does a coffee morning sound so much cooler than a tea morning? Go on, say it out loud. Do you see what I mean?)
7) Get price for flooring. (preferably something green, but not Ottakar's green, and dark enough to hide the tea stains which will no doubt appear)

No, damn you I am not fixated!!!

8) Buy cash registers. (Wipe clean surface..... No reason)
9) Buy clock. (Got to time those ... er... breaks)
10) Design new and groovy shelving for picture flats. (Having re-defined Kids' bookselling - it's a secret, but we're really, really proud of it - we are now going to re-design picture flat merchandising. On only two mu.... nevermind)

Oh, yeah. Simon's going to put together a little order for a few kids books.... You know, I rather think I got the better deal.


Vanessa said...

Glad everything's chugging along so nicely and really impressed at how organised you'll be when you open - I'm still planning all those things and we've been open 7 weeks!

Can't wait to hear the nitty-gritty of how you're going to organise the children's section... and would love a sight of your schools account forms when you're done as that's on my list too!

Steerforth said...

Ah, Neil...