Sunday, December 09, 2007

Groundhog Week


Every Monday for the last 4 or so weeks i've woken up at about 4am and thought 'OK, let's see where we are...'
and for the last 4 or so weeks it seems that we haven't got anywhere.
I phone our estate agent up every Monday at about 10am and ask him what the situation is.
He then tells me about what he's waiting for from the other solicitors and so on and so forth, and I then ask him if he can keep me informed about anything that happens, and I also ask him to chase stuff up. He says yes and at about 2 pm he sends me an email telling me he's chased stuff up.
In the meantime me and Tim have talked and I swear a lot about how useless everyone is and he calms me down and reassures me and reminds me about all the things we have achieved in the last week. He's very good at putting things into perspective.
I imagine that it'll be the same this week, although I cautiously say that most of things that the estate agent is chasing, have been chased, caught up with and overtaken. I'm not even going to contemplate when any breakthrough will be made, but it can't be too long now.....can it?...CAN IT?

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Anonymous said...

Hello Simon (L) and Tim (R)

(Buna ziua for your Romanian visitor)

Michael from Compass here...

Simon - take deep, deep breaths think of something nice and just relax.

This time next year the hassles will all be behind you, you'll be a roaring success, rolling in dosh and recipient of Independent Bookshop of the Year award.

You see if I'm right.