Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's all i've got when you're in my head


.....hey, look it's one of those things that bob-bob-bobs along.

another day of ordering, and making contact with publishers. It's not glamorous, but it is useful.

In the absence of anything specifically TBGB, here's a few things wot are in my head.

Crockatt and Powell look like they're going to be opening a second bookshop in a site right opposite where the Pan Bookshop is now. Read about it here . Isn't that brilliant!

Charlie Brooker is number 44 in the bestseller charts, which is brilliant!

I wonder if all you booksellers out there have ordered extra copies of 'On the Road'. If you don't know why have a looky wook at the TV listings this week.

I feel like eating a chilli tonight, but we don't have any mince meat

There maybe a shortage of Holly this year, but I know a place 5 minutes walk away that's got loads!

I don't think Ruby Wax has any redeeming features

Have I paid my council tax?

Am I going to get some Stilton for Xmas?

I should have told Bookseller to the stars what my favourite book of the year was.

I wonder what my favourite book of the year was.

I really want a chilli.

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