Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Order out of Chaos

Hey, it's that thing that bob-bob-bobs along, on a bauble

So we're opening in January...probably. It's probably turned out OK really. So far we've opened accounts with Bertram, Harpercollins, Penguin, Macmillan, Random House, Turnaround, Littlehampton and we have Bookpoint, Baker and Taylor, Pearson, Central Books, PGUK and Thames and Hudson in progress. The tricky thing is persuading the individual publishers to give us better terms. Cos' we're little we have to contact each publisher individually to request extra discount.

Can I take this opportunity to say to any publisher out there who we haven't contacted, please get in touch, offering huge discounts extended credit and chocolate. It's not like you've got anything to do at this time of year is it?!

So, for example, we have an account with Littlehampton. We can order from any of their publishers but we have to call each individual publisher that they distribute to negotiate terms. It takes time, but these extra few weeks have given us the time to do more of this.
We will be placing the majority of our opening stock order through Bertram's, as they've offered us very competitive terms, which a lot of publishers can only match. This isn't an advert for Bertam's, but I have to say they've been really supportive, and despite the fact that we're a new business with no credit history as yet, are being great. Not only this, but by signing up with them, they have offered us 2 computers, a printer, and a flexible stock control system (bertline) free of charge.

They've also told us that our order will be delivered by category! So if we order say 100 gardening titles, these will be delivered in a box marked 'gardening'.
It all seems very good!

We will be ordering some of our stock from alternative sources, like Penguin and Turnaround, either because our terms are better or they stock a load of titles that Bertram's don't.

Tim, being the clever one (by the way Tim, you're the clever one), has been putting our order through Pubeasy, a website that lets us know what's in stock at various publishers. He is filtering our entire order through this website, so if it's not available at Bertram's we'll get it through another source.

So that sorts that out.

I shudder to tell you about our latest 'amusing' little episode with the Landlord/solicitors. All I can say is that something was posted to our solicitor in October, it didn't get there, but noboody noticed, despite it apparently being what the hold up was all about. 6 weeks.....nobody noticed....

Anyway, like the new judge of the Orange Prize says ' At worst I feel bad for a while,But then I just smile, I go ahead and smile.' wise words Lily...


I just have 2 simple questions for all youse out in blogland. How do you spell 'West'? and can you tell the difference between 6 and 8? If the first answer is not 'W. E. S. T.' and the second is 'No' then a career awaits you in the financial sector. Extra points if you can lose post, make up rules on the spot and deny everything.....

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