Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ring Ring....


Ah, the festive Parrot

Not much to report today. Spent a long time on the phone trying to get in touch with our Small Business Advisor. We need a reference, and our solicitor is unable to give one, as we hardly know him...obviously.

With the situation now being that we have a little more time on our hands before we open, I've got in touch with some of our distributors to make sure that our accounts have been set up. In most cases the answer was 'Yes', so I then phoned a few reps to re-acquaint myself with them. I'd hoped that our experience and contacts might give us a little bargaining power in getting better terms and discounts, and most publishers have been really supportive. I'm not naming names and it's so vulgar talking about money, but thank you all very much.

in the meantime, whilst I was very very busy working today, I found this on Youtube, and it kinda blew a chip in my little brain. I hope you like it too.

Ta Ta for now.

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