Sunday, December 02, 2007


We're not going out of the house today, 'cos it's pouring down.

Anyway, as I said yesterday, here's some books we're going to be stocking in the shop.

The Dirty Bertie Joke Book.
A fine alternative to Horrid Henry, and something to keep you chortling over xmas.
a couple of examples;
Teacher: Bertie spell the word weather
Bertie: W-E-V-A-R
Teacher: that's the worst spell of weather we've had for ages

Q:Name 2 days of the week that start with T
A:Today and Tomorrow


Something to read aloud now.

Augustus and His Smile
this is a gorgeous book, with beautiful illustrations, and has a great positive message (it wouldn't look so good on Kindle, would it?). An award winning picture flat.

The last one for now is a book I had when I was little, which has been recently reprinted by Usborne.

The Spy's Guidebook
This was one of my favourite's and has loads of activities and games for the young secret agent. It's got codebreaking tips, hints on how to track people and great disguises. My Mum takes great delight in reminding me of the day I made a fake beard out of a hanger and some wool, and went up to the shops wearing it assuming that no-one would recognise me. I was about 7, I think. I'm getting this for myself, as I can't find my original copy any more, and I want to try it again.


Lesley said...

Hi guys, so do you think you'll be up and running by Christmas? If so, will make a point to drop in during the break...

Tim West and Simon Key said...

hello Lesley,
as each day passes, and the solicitors/estate agents/landlords continue at the pace of a snail on a treadmill, the more I think that we'll be opening in the new year. I'm not very happy about it....