Monday, December 03, 2007

An Update (or should that be downdate)


It's 22 days til Christmas now, and we don't have the keys yet, or for that matter, any positive sign that we'll get them in the next 2 weeks. We have to concede that it's very very unlikely that we'll open before Christmas. I am a ball of pent up anger at the moment, but will not vent my spleen at any particular person or company at the moment, as they are still 'working for us'.

Calm thoughts...calm thoughts...

We have to try and be positive about this, don't we....

* We have more time to get the stock right
* When we open, it'll be easier for us to cope with the inevitable teething problems
* We can make our own deadlines
* It'll be something to look forward to in boring old January
* I can have my first christmas off in 24 years

* We could have done with having a bumper first couple of weeks
* We are itching to sell books again
* I am a ball of pent up anger
* Everyone keeps asking us when we're going to open and we still can't tell them!

Having said this, things will take off tomorrow and we'll get the keys in a trice.Mmmmm

In the meantime we're making sure that we haven't forgotten anything in a business stylee type of thing. Fire extinguishers...check, License to play music...check, Oddbins Account...check.

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Alis said...

Tim, really sorry you and Simon aren't going to have that bumper first couple of weeks but I bet your family will be pleased to have you around for Christmas! And here's another pro - you won't have to feel the need to drive yourself mad with Christmas music on a loop in the BGB!