Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scary Teddys.....Oh Yes

Imagine being stared at by a teddy-bear with buttons for eyes. Got it?

Now imagine that it's an evil teddy. Really, really evil......

What happens next?

That's what pupils at North Harringay School had to do for a competition to win Big Green Bookshop Vouchers. And here are the two winners.

I have with-held their names to protect you. These are two twisted kids.

Here's the first one...

The Mysterious buttons surrounded me. What are they doing to me? I tried to escape but there were creatures everywhere.

And buttons......

The Light shone up like a miracle had happened. The light dimmed again. The eyes were coming to hunt me....

I ducked down as the eyes tried to catch me. I dodged again and again.

“What do you want from me? I’m innocent. Please don’t hurt me.”

The stinky creatures came up from their graveyard and all the dead

people (such as Henry VIII)

The light shone again and time went back to how it was. Moving and moving. Ticking and tocking until a minute later.

Then time stopped again and everybody stood still, and everybody stared. Hard.

Who was everybody staring at? No. Eyes (or should I say the buttons?)

“Give us time back, before I make you!!” I shouted angrily. “Give us it now.”

And so he did, and life went back to peace again.

But not for long....

Ooooooooooh, Scary stuff! (This is actually a picture of me in the morning)

This is the second teddy based suspense story....

My head was spinning. I could see nothing but darkness. I felt so sick like I had just been on a whirling fast rollercoaster. Help! Where was I?

“Hello,” I whispered. “Hello,” I called, slightly louder.

“Hello.” The dark place echoed.

I could tell that I was inside, but I definitely saw stars. (It’s not a figment of my imagination) It must be an open roof. I (very cautiously) got up.

“Halt,” said a strange, low pitched voice. This was bare freaky, no actually, it was beyond freaky. I shrieked at the top of my voice. “Buttons!”

More of them. “Get him,” they said. Breaking the silence.

I started to run, but (even more strange) I didn’t go anywhere....

I couldn’t believe my eyes, not until I opened them. “Oh,” I said. I was so surprised that it was just a dream. That spoke out loud.

“Darling,” said Mum. I have sewed some more buttons on your school uniform. I hope you don’t mind.....”

This is the scariest teddy bear I could find.

More about my beard later

Sunday, July 11, 2010

First Among Equals

Means best, really. Doesn’t it?

We issued our first loyalty cards a couple of weeks ago. And it was brilliant.....

But someone has to be first, don’t they. Really, really first. In front of everyone else. Seb Coe when we still liked him. Front of the queue. Numero Uno. A number one. Top of the heap. King of the hill. Etc, etc.


This lovely lady was our first ever customer back in March 2008.

And this lovely lady is our first Loyalty Card holder.

Wait a minute.... Isn’t that?... Yes. It’s the same person. And I’m wearing the same watch.

This is Aysha, and – apart from being our first ever customer – she has been a loyal supporter of the shop ever since. In the last couple of years she has had a number of other firsts. She got married to Jonny and changed her name (not to Jonny, I hasten to add) she let us use her kitchen to mull wine for our first Christmas party, and she had baby Lily (the last two are not connected).

The loyalty card is really taking off, and we have already signed up over two hundred people. We have decided to have some kind of loyalty card celebration/offer/event when we hit Five Hundred.

More about my watch, grey hair and beard later.