Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wood Green Calling BIRMINGHAM, Come in Birmingham

We need help

Are you, or do you know anyone, who's based near Birmingham and would you like to work from 10.30am-4.30pm on Friday November 6th-Sunday November 8th? 

If so, please read on.

Next weekend, from November 6th until 8th I (Simon) will be at Birmingham NEC selling books at Cake International, one of the UK's biggest baking and cake shows.
We've done a few cake shows and, believe me when I say they are BUSY. Last year at Birmingham, around 20,000 turned up to watch decorating demonstrations, meet celebrity chefs and generally get all cakey. It's lots of fun and I love doing it.
Now then. Yesterday, I got a phone call asking if we could be the official bookshop at another event in London, on the same weekend.
Of course, I said yes. Because if you're a little bookshop in Wood Green, the opportunity to sell books at events like this are few and far between and we need the dosh!

Are you still with me? Good.

We need TWO people at Cake International in Birmingham and TWO people at this other show.

It's going to be a lot easier for us to cover the other show, as it's in London and we have magnificent customers locally, who will hopefully be able to help.

Birmingham however, may prove tricky, which is why I'm asking if you can help. I'll be there, but I need someone else to help me.

If you are friendly, sensible and can help me out, that'd be amazing. It'll be about 6 hours work a day and we're happy to pay you £150 for the weekend. It's pretty full on, but it's also quite a good laugh.

If you're interested, please give us a call on 020 8881 6767.