Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Another evening of magnificence at the Big Green Bookshop

Tuesday May 20th 7.00pm 
An Evening with Emma Jane Unsworth

We are well pleased that Emma Jane Unsworth will be here at the bookshop on Tuesday May 20th.
Emma’s  a journalist and won the Betty Trask Award for her novel Hungry, the Stars and Everything. Her short story 'I Arrive First' was included in The Best British Short Stories 2012.

Her new novel, Animals has just been published and is rightly getting a whole load of people very excited indeed. Described by Caitlin Moran as “Withnail with Girls”, it’s a hilarious, moving and refreshingly honest tale of how a friendship can become the ultimate love story.

 You know how it is. Saturday afternoon. You wake up and you can't move.
I blinked and the floaters on my eyeballs shifted to reveal Tyler in her ratty old kimono over in the doorway. 'Way I see it,' she said, glass in one hand, lit cigarette in the other, 'girls are tied to beds for two reasons: sex and exorcisms. So, which was it with you?'

Laura and Tyler are best friends who live together, angrily philosophising and leading each other astray in the pubs and flats of Manchester. But things are set to change. Laura is engaged to teetotal Jim, the wedding is just months away, and Tyler becomes hell-bent on sabotaging her friend's plans for a different life.

Emma will be here to read from her book, answer questions and maybe more....
These is a FREE event, but due to the demand likely, please get in touch with the bookshop to reserve a place in the audience.
Refreshments? Yes, we’ll have some. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Big Green Bookshop Book Club

Do you crave the thrill of shopping at the Big Green Bookshop, but for one reason or another you can't make it to the bookshop?

Well now, here's your chance!!!

Subscribe to our Big Green Bookshop Book Club

We try our best to present to you the best books out there. What we stock and recommend defines the bookshop. And whilst we know everyone’s tastes are different, we hope we can find something that’ll you’ll really enjoy.
So why not subscribe to our Monthly Book Club.
Based on information provided by you, we'll deliver a new novel at the beginning of each month to you or to the person of your choice. The book will be gift wrapped and will also include a personal message from us and, where possible, from the author too.
Consider us your personal literary shopper and let us help you discover some of the best new writing out there.  
Or you could subscribe to our Children’s Book Club
Our Children’s Book Club works in exactly the same way as our adult one and we’ve enlisted some expert help to make sure we provide the most appropriate books for children of all ages. We’ve joined up with “Books for Keeps” to help us choose book for our kid’s book package. Books for Keeps are the UK’s leading independent children’s book magazine, reviewing over 1,000 children’s books each year. This is what they wrote in their first issue back in 1980.
‘We have assumed that you, our readership, are busy people committed to encouraging the reading habit amongst your children, not only in school but at home or on holiday too. Because there is so much available and so much new material being published, it is impossible to keep abreast of everything all the time. The thinking behind Books for Keeps is based therefore on the belief that book ideas, book opinion, book information and book news should be easy to digest, stimulating to read, and simple to select.’
The Children's package will also include posters, badges, bookmarks and lots more besides!
The Book Club is a perfect gift for any book lovers out there – no matter what age.
There are 3 sizes of package, three months, six months and twelve months. Prices start at just £20 for children and £35 for adults.

Three Month Book Club Subscription - £30 BUY HERE

Six Month Subscription - £50 BUY HERE

Twelve Month Subscription - £90 BUY HERE
Three Month Book Club Subscription - £20 BUY HERE
Six Month Subscription - £35 BUY HERE

Twelve Month Subscription - £65 BUY HERE
Once you’ve bought one, we’ll send you a very simple questionnaire to fill in, which will help us to pick the right book just for you.  Books will be posted out on the 1st of each month, unless otherwise requested.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Big Green Bookswap. Mike Carey & Joel Meadows

Wednesday April 30th - 7.30pm
The Big Green Bookswap, with Mike Carey and Joel Meadows

 A glorious evening of entertainment and literary chat at the Great Northern Railway Tavern on Hornsey High Street (N8 7QB).

This is a different kind of book event, so expect the unexpected. Here are the rules.

1. Bring along with you a book which you’re prepared to swap for another.
2. Have a drink.
3. Prepare to be entertained.

Those are the rules.

This month’s special guests.

Mike Carey.
Mike Carey got into writing through comic books, where his horror/fantasy series Lucifer garnered numerous international awards and was nominated for five Eisners. From there he moved into novels and screenplays, while still maintaining a presence in the comics world.
His brilliant Felix Castor books are a consistently bestselling series in the shop.
Imagine the Raymond Chandler novels if L.A. was London and Marlowe were an exorcist. Castor is a flawed but mostly likeable man who’s trying to do the right thing in a world that often makes the right thing more or less impossible. He makes his living as an exorcist, but from as early as the first book he starts to have doubts about what he’s doing and to shift his sympathies from the living to the dead. It’s not easy being an exorcist with those sort of scruples.
All of this is against the backdrop of a world where the dead have started to rise in serious numbers. There are ghosts, zombies, even were-creatures, so there’s a big demand for exorcists, and there‘s money to be made if you know what you’re doing....
His new novel is The Girl With All the Gifts.
Joel Meadows.
In 1992, Joel and his neighbour Simon Teff launched the first issue of TRIPWIRE. It went on to become the UK’s best-loved comics and genre magazine.
Featuring interviews and articles by such luminaries as Bryan Moore, Terry Gilliam, Matt Groening and Will Eisner, the magazine has garnished heaps of praise from everyone in the business.

“Still the coolest magazine on the planet..” – IAN RANKIN 

“Amazing, gratifying. A pleasure to look at, a pleasure to read..” – MICHAEL MOORCOCK

“The touchstone of comic book culture in the UK” – GUILLERMO DEL TORO

Mike and Joel will be joining to discuss…well anything you want them to. That's the nature of the Big Green Bookswap.

Tickets, priced at just £3, are now available. HERE.
We hope you can make it

Working Title Comedy at the Bookshop (episode 35)

Friday April 25th – 8.00pm
Working Title Comedy at the Big Green Bookshop

This month’s line up is, as ever, stunning;

Andrew O'Neill

Stand-up comedian, metalthead, amateur occultist and musician.

One of the funniest comedians on the circuit at the moment... hitting new heights of comedic brilliance.- TimeOut

So funny I put him in my new TV show. - Steve Coogan

Andrew O'Neill is like comedy ball-lightning. Fast, electrifying and even funnier than the misfortunes of others. -  Alan Moore

Gerry Howell
Award winning comedian, actor and writer. In 2010 he won Best Individual Comedy Show Award at the Buxton Fringe Festival for his one man comedy drama "The Fantastic Reality of Frederick Goodge".
 If you haven't seen Gerry before, expect the unexpected, if you have – ditto. The greatest pleasure is the pleasure of anticipation. So that's something to look forward to.

"Gloriously inventive" Chortle

"Surreal Rambling Brilliance" –TimeOut

Since our regular MC, Chris Brosnahan, is elsewhere, we've replaced him with another Chris.

Chris Coltrane
Comedian, activist, writer, disco dancer and sweet romancer.
Chris has been doing stand-up for five years. He started off weird and surreal; nowadays he's weird and political. He tells tales of protests and mischief, and trying to smash the Tories with punchlines.

Mark Thomas: "One of a handful of comedians who are the future of British political comedy."

As ever tickets are just a fiver and you can bring your own refreshments.

The Book Barge is coming to Wood Green!

Tuesday April 29th 7.00pm
Sarah Henshaw, owner of the Book Barge in conversation.

I love the Book Barge. Who wouldn't?
Here's the story in a nutshell.
With extraordinary willpower and huge positive attitude and very little help from the bank, Sarah Henshaw opened the Book Barge (a bookshop on a barge!) in 2009. 
As happens to all the best bookshops, money got a bit tight and so in 2011 Sarah decided to travel the canals of the UK for 6 months to raise the profile of the barge, sell some books and essentially survive. She even stopped off in London for a bit during her travels and I was lucky ebnough to spend a lovely afternoon on the barge.
I won't tell you the whole story because you can read about her adventures and philosophy in her uplifting, funny inspiring new book "The Bookshop that Floated Away".
Sarah will be at the bookshop on Tuesday April 29th to talk to Simon about her travels, sharing some great stories and generally bigging up books, bookshops and a free spirited attitude to life.

IT'S FREE to come along and there will be gin (Sarah's favourite tipple) and also less alcoholic beverages.