Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Crop Drop. Try it, you might like it.

There's this bit of land next to our shop that, ever since we opened, we've tried to work out what to do with it. 
Last year, the lovely people from a new enterprise called Crop Drop came in and asked if they could use it. We liked them and so we said yes. 
They do good things and so we'd like to tell you about what they do.

Local Food For People, Not Profit
Do you like your food super fresh and full of nutrients?
Do you find it hard to buy local and affordable organic produce in the area?

Meet Crop Drop – your Haringey-based veg box scheme!  We make it easy for you to buy ethically, eat seasonally and cook with the best quality produce.

Become a member of Crop Drop and receive a weekly bag of seasonal organic vegetables. We deliver to collection points around Haringey every Thursday afternoon.

Your local collection point is Big Green Bookshop – collect anytime of the day, at your convenience. And grab a good read while you’re at it.  07432 588 734

Here's a link to their website. Prices start at just £8 a week
So now you know.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Thank You.

Last week, I posted on here that the chairs we used at the hundreds/thousands of events that we've done here in the shop had seen a few too many, um, things and that now they needed to be retired. 
We honestly can't afford to buy new ones and so we shamelessly asked people if they would Sponsor a Chair for us.

You can read more about it HERE

The response has been incredible and I want to say a huge THANK YOU.
We said that we'd needed 60 chairs, and I'm delighted and even more delighted and delighted once more to tell you that we have now reached our target.
I really can't put into words how much this means. It's not just about the chairs (although they will be very very welcome), but it's about the fact that people felt they wanted to help us out. Sometimes, on cold rainy days when we haven't had a customer for over two hours, you kind of wonder. But it's stuff like this that reassures us that what we're trying to do is worth it.
You lot are absolutely amazing and I love you.
PS. If you still feel the urge to sponsor a chair, i'm not going to stop you. x

Monday, February 03, 2014

Please Sponsor a Chair.

Ever since we opened, almost six years ago, we've held hundreds, if not thousands of events in the Big Green Bookshop.
These include;

  • Author Events
  • School class visits
  • Comedy
  • Boardgames Club
  • Poetry
  • Songs & Stories for younguns
  • Music Performances
  • Book Launches
  • Book Groups and Writers Group
...and many more.

The chairs we bought when we first opened the shop to help us accommodate these events have seen a lot of action. And we think it's about time to retire them.

I mean, look at them, the poor things.
"Oh, the things we've seen...."
So we need to buy some new ones. They cost about £10 each and we need about 60 to replace the ones we currently have.

We're not in a position to buy £600 worth of chairs, and so we are shamelessly offering you the chance to buy (or sponsor) a chair for us.

But sponsoring one of our chairs will not only give you a warm feeling inside, there are even more tangible benefits too.

You will be able to get £1 off EVERY ticketed event you come to at the Big Green Bookshop for a whole year.

You name will be put on the "Sponsor a Chair" Roll of Honour, which will be displayed proudly in the bookshop (you obviously have the option to remain anonymous)

We hope you can help