Wednesday, August 29, 2012

365 Books in 365 Days

I like books. So much so, in fact, that I read quite a few of them. Some make me shake with excitement just thinking about them. Some make me pleased that I've read them. Some make me angry. But every book I read makes me feel something.
I get many opportunities to share these feelings in the bookshop, where I will delightedly bang on about (for example) how incredible chapter 33 of Mr Chartwell is or how simple the language in Brooklyn by Colm Toibin is, but how it draws you into the story without realising it.

Ah, books.
Books, books books books.

Despite my woeful lack of bloggery on this particular blog recently, I also like typing words and making them into sentences, which I then like to post online.

So, I thought, why not combine these two things into one bigger thing. A THING.
So here's the THING.

Announcing 365 BIG GREEN BOOKS (twitter hashtag #365BigGreenBooks). One year, 365 book  reviews (that is a tagline).

Here are my rules. I made them all by myself.
  • 365 Big Green Books will start on Monday September 10th 2012 and finish on September 9th 2013
  • all books must have been read since January 1st 2012
  • at least 30% of a book must have been read to register a review (I am not going to finish reading a book I can't stand)
  • all genres of books are included (although it's likely that it will mainly be fiction and kids)
  • Each book will be marked out of 10
  • I do not have to review one book a day.  e.g. I can review 5 books in one blog if I like.
  • This rule isn't important, please ignore it.
  • I can change the rules. I made them, I can break them.
So, that's it really.

This is what I am hoping to achieve by doing this.
  1. It will allow me to share my love of books with you.
  2. It will stimulate debate about the books I have read.
  3. I will be recommended books to read by you lot, that I might not have read otherwise.
  4. It will encourage me to blog more here.
I'm quite excited about this. I thnk it's going to be a good THING.
I think i'd better go and read some more books now.