Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday was Some Day

Today was the day of our first committee meeting (I can't think of another word that has 3 double letters in it like committee. Can you?).

Here's the idea of the committee.
"We're hoping to get together a group of people to help us decide the future direction of the bookshop. This could be about the kinds of events and initiatives you'd like to see us do, to how you think the shop looks and what can be done to improve our stock. The shop wouldn't survive without its customers and we've always tried to listen to any advice we're given. Having a committee will hopefully help us to focus on the things that matter"

We had no idea how many people would turn up, but suspected that there might be more than 6. There was more than 6.
The first person to (literally) press their face against the window was Isabel Losada, who's doing a couple of events at the shop later this year, which will be amazeballs (lol).
She was followed by Carmen, Aysha, Jacqui, Kevin, Galit, Jeremy, Vic, Matthew, Simon, Pete, Farah, Suze, Megan Caroline, Caleb, Lizzie,Rachel, Edwina, Rachella, Ben, Chris, Annabel, Kash, Liz, Edel, Alison, Nicky, James, Jo,Elizabeth, Carmel, Shazia, Cara, Omeed, Svein, Rob, Rosie, Ellie, Laura and I bet i've missed a few people out too. Tim and Mark were obviously there too.
The place was jammed (I didn't cry) and there were many emails and calls from people who wanted to come, but couldn't make it.
Here are some people who were there.

With the sheer number of people, it was difficult for everyone to have a chance to talk, and much of the meeting centred on what this committee was actually going to achieve. There were many opinions and suggestions which we asked everyone to write down on sheets of paper. We now have a brilliant overview of what people want at the bookshop and we'll consider all of this over the next day or two. Carmel is doing the minutes as we speak which we'll transcribe somewhere for all to see when we can. I want to say again how incredible it is that so many people were prepared to take the trouble to come to our shop on a cold Sunday morning to show their support. You are all ace.

The meeting was followed by a frankly crazy hour of shopping from those who came. Flippin eck.

After that was our monthly board games day at the shop (the last Sunday of every month, from 1-5pm. Don't miss it).

Ker-Plunk, Chess, Scrabble, Connect 4, plus others like Carcassonne, being played here.

So, another whopping day at the bookshop, filled with Jammie Dodgers, chocolate chip cookies and many cups of septum melting coffee.

I am now going to go through all the suggestions, comments and ideas that the committee came up with and possibly eat some more cheese.


isn't it Strugglometer time???

YES. Yes it is, that's the time it is. Another step or six towards our target of 'relative safety'.

I know I keep saying this, but, please keep reminding people that we're here, please keep pointing them towards the bookshop, please keep supporting us. It's been a great few days and I am slightly euphoric, but there's still a long way to go.
You are all spectacular and should this all succeed I will sing songs about each of you and perform an interpretive dance in a large green hat outside the shop. You don't want to miss that do you?


meg said...

Greetings from Radish Books in Leeds! I read about your 'struggles' from having 'friended' Isobel Losada on Facebook. Tried to find your f/b page and was surprised not to find one that is active. We are a really tiny, tiny bookshop and have found there to be lots of interaction between our website and facebook. We've also indulged in facebook adverts 50 quid a month but can be suspended any time if we can't afford it in any one month. Have had over a million 'impressions' (people seeing it on their page) and over a thousand 'clicks' where they are taken to our webpage. Just a thought as you seem to suffer from the 'I didn't know you were here' syndrome, like ourselves. Hope this helps and good luck. Best regards,

Margaret said...


Anwen said...

I am now tempted to try and knit a Big Green Bookhat...

Liz said...

Great post Simon. I was so heartened to see all those people who care about books and something civilised in this age of behemoths as you called Waterstones
- and I don't own the shop

Tilly said...

bookkeeping :)
all the best guys.