Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden. A Progress Report

There's a bit of ground by the side of the shop that we have intended to make better use of since we opened. With the help of volunteers we've cleared the area twice now, with plans to turn it into a reading garden. For one reason or another these plans didn't materialise.

Until now.

(left click on the picture and it gets bigger)

Here is the plan that our good friend Louise (a garden designer) has put together. She has sourced almost all the materials that we need to make this a reality and is free to help do the work over the next month. There is also Ben and Alyson, who came to our Bookshop Meeting on Saturday who have kindly agreed to manage the project from our end.
Louise is in the process of making the benches to go into garden once the paving has been put down, and we're pretty much ready to get going.
So, as usual, we're looking for some help.
On the 'Schedule of Works', the first thing we need to do is totally clear the area. At the moment it's covered in gravel and other nasty stuff that will require gloves..All this will need to be transported to a gravel pit in Highgate, where we've been told we can dump it.
Once this is done Louise and the team can get going with putting the fence posts in and doing all the clever things that they need to do.
So , if you're free on Saturday 19th May from 11am and want to give us a hand, then please get in touch. Also, if you have a van or a car that you don't mind being used to transport gravel and stuff to Highgate in, please let us know.
It's going to look fantastic and we're keen that it's done as soon as possible so that our customers can make use of it over the Summer.


tom hamshere said...

Do you need any sharp sand? I've got about half a ton of it in my front garden on burghley road and I've changed my plans so I'm not going to need it.

tom hamshere said...

You can contact me via twitter: @tbrd