Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hardback!!! (To the tune of Rawhide)


Waiting, waiting, waiting (echo waiting, waiting, waiting)

Waiting, waiting, waiting - Hardback!!!

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Pausing hes-i-tat-ing

Waiting for that agent to ring

All the things I'm planning

Buying, selling, scanning

Are waiting at the end of this thing

Book 'em in - Put 'em out

Put 'em out - Book 'em in

Book 'em in - Put 'em out - Hardback!!!

Stack 'em up - Sell 'em off

Sell 'em off - Organise a signing event with a local author

Stack 'em up - Sell 'em off - Hardback!!!

Waiting, waiting, waiting (echo waiting, waiting, waiting) repeat and fade

Yee Haa


I think what Tim's trying to say here is, we're still waiting for the leaseholder to get back to the estate agents. He has promised (!) to do so today, so it's his last chance. If he fails to turn up we're going to have to look for another shop site.

Either that or he's had one too many sasperilla on his cornflakes this morning.

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