Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's National Children's Book Week

Three Books today.

1.Mark Farley (writer of blog ‘bookseller to the stars’)
Kestrel for a Knave
When I was growing up, I couldn't undertand or relate to the likes of The Hardy Boys and the Secret Seven. Priviledged little brats bounding around the dale with their yappy pedigree in tow, solving mysteries like who stole the vicar's jam etc. But A Kestrel for a Knave, and its tale of struggle, poverty and family drama set in the harsh north in the eighties was something I could definately get to grips with and also understand. Billy Casper was my Richard Campion.

2.Zizou Corder (author of Lion Boy)
Secret Garden – Frances Hodgson-Burnett
because three people get redeemed, in a row like dominoes. Also, bieng a city girl, was deeply in love with Dickon

3.Anthony Goldstein (local resident and ex-Ottakars/Waterstone’s)
The Limony Snickett series
How can you not love a vain and stupid villain like Count Olaf. And it's a great Potter antidote. Genuinely witty and sly with lots of puns and references that only a reasonably well-read adult would spot. Possibly a bit formulaic. But hey, if the formula works, why complain.

More about the shop a little later on.

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