Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bookshop Stuff


our solicitor's sent the money to the landlord etc. and they've recieved it (it's official). They've been in touch with our solicitor to let him know, and to negotiate a day to exchange. Having spoken to various people yesterday, it's clear that everyone wants this to happen as soon as possible. So let's see shall we.

Tim and I are off to Walthamstow to visit our small business advisor. We noticed that we we're suddenly massively overdrawn in the busines bank account, this was before we'd spent anything! It seems that the bank made a little mistake, and took £60000 out of our account, and they can't put it back until we sign some papers. What a hoot!

After a plea on our facebook group for help in the transformation of the shop into a bookshop, we now have a small army of willing helpers who are prepared to give us a hand for biscuits and beer.

Still no van though..

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e said...

I know a man with a large hearse (with flames down the sides!) who might be willing to help out.

When would you need it and I'll find out for you? I'll send you my number on facebook so you can call if you want