Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How Long??


So, this morning after a number (8) of phone calls, we finally got the information we wanted to hear. Our solicitor has the money!!

'So, that means we can exchange then, does it?'
'Oh yes, that's right'
'so when should that be sorted out by'
'should be in ten days'

TEN DAYS. TEN DAYS . Take into consideration that the people who are in the shop at the moment want to move out immediately (so immediately, that they are leaving all the computers, printers, and pretty much everything else as part of our agreement), also all the paperwork's been done, and there's nothing left for us to sign. It's just a meatter of transferring money from one accout to another and for the people to leave the shop. TEN DAYS

do you know what you could do in ten days?

You could boil 3600 eggs

you could watch 160 football matches

you could watch all 411 Simpsons episodes and still have time to watch every episode of Futurama 4 times

you could travel by Eurostar from King's Cross to Paris and back over 54 times

you could listen to Demis Roussos singing 'Forever and Ever' 4145 times

you could watch The Neverending Story 153 times

Paula Radcliffe could have run the London Marathon 104 times

Our baby will have grown over a centimetre

Dwain Chambers could run 60metres 131272 times (he probably could but don't ask him for a urine sample afterwards)

You could have 240 sets of photos developed in Snappy snaps

my printer can print 115520 letters asking everyone to hurry up

If I'd phoned Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (last year of course) and tried non-stop to 'win the ads' it would have cost me £14,440

We will have paid £271 of our mortgage

TEN DAYS.....I ask you?


Anonymous said...

He has got to be partaking of the urine! 10 days!


Alis said...

I think they just say the number which first occurs to them. I was on the phone yesterday to the car insurance people (in Bangalore, natch) who told me it would be 4-5 working days before I had my documents (and could therefore pick up my car and start driving it) I said that was way too long and I needed them today and they said OK, we'll send them registered delivery. £4.50 well spent!
Shout at them, jump up and down a bit and see what happens!

Anonymous said...

That's way too long....
Once all docs are signed and money paid..should not take more than a few days (at the most!).

Simon Key said...

thanks all,
there has indeed been much stamping of feet since then. Let's just see how soon it takes. I wanted to highlight how annoying it is dealing with someone so negative. You'd have thought by now they'd be doing absolutely everything in their power to get it through quickly. But it seems they still need a shove in the right direction. C'est la vie

Angela Young said...

And you could read ... how many? ... books? If you could possibly concentrate with all that not-going-on-business not going on.

But in ten days' time will you have an opening celebration?

Good good luck. Break a leg. Bon chance. And it's only NINE DAYS now.

womagwriter said...

I should think you can boil a lot more eggs than that, if you put more than one in the pan at a time.

There is normal speed, warp speed, and solicitor speed.