Monday, February 11, 2008



having been distracted a little by faxes, idiots and lost letters recently, Tim and I met up today to go through everything we'd done and/or needed doing before we get the keys and soon after. I'll give you a few just so you get the idea:

  • SHOPSIGN. finalise quote, and ensure that delivery is still within 14 days
  • SHOPFLOOR PLAN. revist and make any final changes. Double check we have the correct number of bookcases (full size, half size, half width and different colour) ready to order
  • WEBSITE. make sure that the geezer who's doing it is aware what we need and by when
  • SKIP. order for day one
  • TELEPHONE / BROADBAND. check installation date and find out how soon we can get a phone number
  • INSURANCE. it's sorted
  • PDQ. they need a phone number before this can be sorted out. Chase up phone provider
  • BAGS. 100% recycled paper bags. Buy them plain, and price up a rubber stamp with the logo on it.
  • CARPETS. check out in the shop what we need (we think it's now going to be a carpet rather than carpet tiles), to get for day 3 of refit.
  • ORDERS. make a list of all the names and phone numbers of the poeple who we've sent an order to, to ensure we can let them know when to release it
  • BERTRAMS. finalise date for installation of stock control system etc.
  • NEWSLETTER. fianlise template for weekly/monthly newsletter
  • INVITATIONS TO THE OPENING PARTY. (remember we're tiny) get a list of people to invite.
  • MARCH/APRIL NEW TITLES. check through to make sure that's finished.
  • COMPETITION WINNER. make sure we let the 'name the bookshop' competition winner know when we're opening.
  • LICENCES. check we know what licences we need in the shop (music etc)

there was lots of other small stuff as well , and also one other thing that we thought we'd post on here, to see if anyone could help.

We're going to need a van for a few days (probably 5). We wondered if anyone knew someone who knew someone who had one that we could comandeer. We'll write lovely things about you (and your company if you like), and imagine the feeling you'll have inside, knowing that you've been a part of this wunnerful thing called The Big Green Bookshop. You can email me or reply on here if you like, and we really would be grateful.

Gawd bless you all.


Karen said...

Ah 'the list'! I'm currently working my way through just such a list at the moment... my advice is to stockpile your sleep now as you'll not get the chance once the keys are handed over! (Also, if you are attempting to fit the place out yourselves too, I'd suggest your first acquisitions should be some plasters and painkillers - I'm finding out that manual labour hurts!) It'll all start to come together really quickly though and you're already clearly much more organised than me. I'm thrilled everything seems to be working out for you (finally!) and before long you'll be looking back on another six months and wondering where the time has gone! Good luck with the next part of the adventure!

Mujja said...

my only worry is that when you actually get your shop and start actually (ahem) will stop blogging ...tell me it isn't true!!!

Monica said...

If you need a Stamp, try, run by my friend the lovely JoAnne.

Anonymous said...

Just to say I am delighted that you are doing this work. I thought it was awful when Waterstones closed down, only a short time after they took over Ottakars. I thought they ran the place down. I do wish you well with the new book shop and I certainly intend to patronise you (without being patronising, if you know what I mean)
Love from Richard