Friday, February 29, 2008

Day 8 in t... oh forget it. Look and see what we've done!


2 days in one posting.
Thursday was a day which involved putting together bookcases. Lots and lots of bookcases. Thank goodness that help was at hand in the form of facebook legend Martin Deutsch. He did manage to escape from the bookcase prison we built, but he was an absolute hero, not only helping me put together dozens of bookscases, but also setting up our broadband for us. It needed someone other than Tim or I to do it, as there were things like passwords and rubbish nonsense to negotiate on the old tatty computer we have for the shop. We'll be getting some better PC's soon but at least we have the www at our fingertips now.
Also in attendance for the day was Claire...who not only second coated half the shop but brought us a box of Big Green treats
Carlsberg, Aero, washing up liquid, it's all there and there isn't much left of the Carsberg or the Aero, although we've yet to open the washing up liquid.

I forgot to mention that a few days ago we got a package in the post from the very very lovely Amanda Lees, author of Kumari. In it was a load of Kit kats to keep the troops happy, and it certainly did. Thanks Amanda, you're great.

Today, it was all about finishing the carpeting, setting up the counter, and putting the bookcases in the right places. We got about a third of the shop sorted. here's a little taster (ignore the boxes) Red shelves? what are you thinking!?

We also got our main delivery
this'll be fun to unpack.
we also didn't get some deliveries that we were expecting. So there's a bit more work to do this weekend on spreadsheets.

Tomorrow is a facebook army day, and we've got a gang coming in helping us with making some bunting etc.

For the 4 people that have asked if we'll still be blogging after we open, the answer is yes indeedy. As long as people still want this nonsense, we'll keep writing it.


MarkFarley said...

I'll be there at lunch to shelve.

Errr... red?

Angela Young said...

Oh yes, please, don't stop blogging.

And when's the big green (red?) opening day?

Akasha Savage said...

I love the red and green together...really eyecatching...and yes?...any date for the Big Green opening?