Monday, February 18, 2008

It's Quiet........almost too quiet


Tim and I are psyching ourselves up for the task ahead. Actually Tim's in bed with a stinking cold, and I'm stuck in the flat all day, waiting for a sofa to arrive. Seeing as we've lived here since last July, we thought it was about time we had somewhere to sit other than foldout chairs and the floor, so we've splurged out on a sofa, that's going to arrive sometime between now and the end of the day.

It's giving me a chance to finalise all the little things that need doing before we get stuck into the refit. Ordering bags, finishing April orders, contacting all the suppliers etc etc. I've listed all the people that have offered help over the next few weeks, and when they're free. It's quite a long list and incredibly heartwarming knowing there are so many people out there willing to help. Maybe they've been reading the blog and thought 'there's no way that those two goons are going to be able to do it by themselves'. Either way, it's fantastic and a small tear is appearing in my left eye as I type this (i've just stubbed my toe).

So there's a bit of work to be done to turn the building into a bookshop, and for those of you who've asked me to put a photo of the shop on here....

This isn't it.
I forgot to take the camera out this weekend, so I haven't got a photo yet. Maybe deep down, the inner Simon doesn't want me to tempt fate by putting the picture up until we've actually got the keys. Or maybe I just forgot the camera.

Instead, here's a picture I took last night from outside the flat.
I call it 'Sunset over Sky City'.

Still no Van ( I wonder if anyone from Thames and Hudson reads this blog?)


Laura said...

I'm from T&H!

Melanie said...

Of course I read your blog, I am awaiting the opening (and the party, of course!) with eager anticipation, having long since eaten the chocolate you dropped in. What a lovely, evocative photo of North London, minus the crack-dealers and rubbish of course. Photo un-realism, perhaps?
At T&H we know all about that!

MarkFarley said...

Congrats on the Artrocker gig, that's pretty cool. Will you be selling it at the shop?