Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Sun Is Shining


Not a lot's changed since Friday. I've changed my socks, and I've changed channels on the TV. Oh, and I've changed the batteries in my camera. But that's all.
Looking forward to this week being rather exciting. There's a few things going on which are worth a mention.
One of my good friends, Mark Farley (the bookseller to the stars no less) is having a short story published in this here bookAn ideal Valentine's present, if you're feeling saucy! It's also a good way to support a small indie publisher. Filthy books.. the gift that keeps on giving.

On Wednesday i'll be putting up a special post for fans of Fairport Convention. It encompasses Music, Books and Wood Green in one fell swoop! (I had to look up what one fell swoop meant out of curiosity. William 'Shakey' Shakespeare used it in Macb...the Scottish play. It was from a description of the way a bird of prey seems to fall out of the sky to kill it's victim. 'Fell Swoop' you see.) Not to be missed.

Also my first review for the second biggest music magazine in London is going to be published online this week, which pessonally, i'm really chuffed about.

I have mentioned a couple of times in the last month, about a book which has blown my mind, and which I think is going to do amazing things. It's being published in a few days time and I was lucky enough to meet (via the world in the internet) the authour. I interviewed him and he's hopefully going to come and visit us in the next couple of weeks, as he's down (or up) in London to do some shameless marketing. I told him of the delighful pubs we have in Wood Green, and he didn't seem put off a bit. Anyway, I'm going to put the interview on the blog this week as well.

I'm sure there was something else... something about a can't be that important.


MarkFarley said...

Thanks mate. Doing the hucklebuck, as we speak.

Perhaps you should meet the solicitor utop the nearest tall building (Centrepoint, for example) a la Rick Moranis where upon you find said upstanding member of the business world, dressed in flowing pink chiffon and utter towards them,

"Are you the gatekeeper?"

and they turn over languidly on their concrete post and purr,

"Are you the keymaster?"

Copulation ensues. The heavens open and you get to open the shop after the stroke of midnight and you have slaughtered two goats and the Stay Puft marshmallowman.

Is that how it's going to go this week?


G d L said...

Seriously Sexy 1. Published by Accent Press £6.99. Available at all reputable bookshops (and some not so reputable, probably).

Repped by me.

Am I allowed to say that?