Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Big Green Wood Green


loyal readers will remember fondly this blast from the past!

Yes, that's right. The competition we had to name the bookshop. 500 entries, amusing evening in pub deciding winner, choosing The Big Green Bookshop a name.

Well, it seems that Haringey (the borough in which Wood Green sits) is opening a new secondary school in 2010, and look what they're doing.

We're going to push hard for The Big Green Secondary School. I think it's got a nice ring to it. And before anyone asks, it won't just admit environmentally aware children.
I've also entered a competition to name a park here in Wood Green. Guess what my suggestion was?
The Big Green Space.

It's all about brand awareness isn't it.

The solicitor's still waiting for the fax. Tim chased it up this morning. Here are some of todays claims.
'It was posted on Friday'
3 minutes later
'It was posted on Monday'
Tim; 'but you said you would be faxing it'
'ooh yes, so we did. I'll make sure we do that'


Todays favourite lyric from my neverending playlist
ART BRUT from the song Pump Up the Volume

I know i shouldn't, but is it so wrong,
to break from a kiss, to turn up a pop song

this, from the band that brought you

I was your boyfriend when we were 15, it's the happiest i've ever been,
even though we didn't understand how to do much more than just hold hands

lovely bittersweet spiky pop/punk. Lovely lovely Art Brut.


Alis said...

The Big Green Bookshop - trendsetters...


Good Luck with the bookshop!
..love the idea for the school!Why not?EVERYTHING is possible!
If you need any artistic help, get in touch.
I have lots of green paint...