Friday, February 08, 2008


The fax has definitley gone to our bank. A letter was also posted yesterday by our solicitor to the bank.
Tim has gone to see our business advisor at the bank to sign a piece of paper.

The fax has arrived at our bank. They now have everything they need.
they need to verify one detail with our solicitor (I hope they don't just leave a message for him). So as soon as they've done that we've got the dosh.

and then we can buy a shop

and then we can make it into a bookshop

and then we can sell books to people who want to read books

and then we can pay the bank back the dosh

piece of cake


Vanessa said...


Erica said...

That is great Friday afternoon news...and its sunny and everything. fingers and toes crossed!

Hereward said...

And the sun is shining too, keep at it