Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day 4 in the Big Green Bookshop


Another fantastic day in TBGB. Last night I sent out a request to the facebook army and also on this here blog for a lift up to get some paint and carpet, as neither Tim or I drive. Within minutes I'd got a message on my phone from the wonderful Caroline, who said she'd be happy to do this. What a star!
So this morning I gave her a call to make sure she was still OK to help. No problem, she said. In fact there were now two people who were going to help. So I went round to her house in the lovely Noel Park area of Wood Green, and met her and Hannah. The plan was that Hannah was going to drive me and then Caroline would meet us back at the shop to help out when we'd got back. Good Plan.

So off we went with my list, and managed to sort out all we needed in no time at all. Hannah and I chose the paint colour and the carpet for the shop. Here is the lovely Hannah with some of the spoils. After we'd chosen the carpet, it was decided that as the rolls were to big for the car we'd get it delivered instead. It was dead easy and should arrive tomorrow. Here is the very carpet that is on its way.
Seeing as there wasn't any carrying for Caroline to do (2 tubs of paint and some pollyfilla we could just about manage between us), I don't have the obligatory photo as she wasn't there. Suffice to say I know where she lives, so she won't get away with it that easily.
So then Tim and I spent the afternoon building the office. It's much better constructing things than it is destroying things. It feels like real progress is being made. And progress was made by jiminy doo-dah. By the end of the day the framework and (sort of) 2 walls had been put up.
We then got slightly delerious and decided it was time to go home, but not until we'd done the following . Here, for your amusement, is Tim..............
And this, ladies and gentlemen is me...............
We probably just need a good night's sleep.
Tomorrow we've got a load of stuff being delivered, and we have 3 people who've offered to help out. So with luck we'll be well ahead of the game by the time Tim and I become delerious again.

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