Friday, February 08, 2008

Even Gooderer


the bank have told us they are releasing the money. It should be with our solicitor on Monday (at the latest). Can you guess who we'll be visiting on Monday. (our solicitor)

I wonder which hat Tim's going to wear?
That's all very well Simon, but who's that interesting chap at the top of this page?
It's Zippy the Pinhead Clown, a creation by the extremely talented and equally wierd Bill Griffith, a much under rated underground comic book artist, who's been around since the days of Fat Freddy's Cat and R Crumb.
some of his books are available on Amazon. This one is his latest and this one is my favourite, although it's gone out of print.

Blimey, we might have a bookshop soon....


Alis said...

Let's just hope the bank DO release your money and it's with your solicitor on Monday. Hope you manage to have a relaxing weekend...

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Well done boys, patience of saints and fortitude of kings. Looking forward to hearing about the forthcoming exchange. (If your solicitor doesn't lose your money. which, considering the past few weeks, is not wholly outside the realm of possibility...)

Happy solictor camping for monday!

Lindsay said...

Congratulations! Hope you finally get to celebrate on Monday.

Angela Young said...

I'm on tenterhooks ... will you be selling them as well, in case those belonging to your loyal fans break under the strain?

Simon Key said...

Alis, I'm having a very relaxing weekend thanks.
Anon, we're stronger for the experience, I think.
Lindsay (and Olive), thanks for your continued support.
Angela, we're thinking of calling it 'The Big Green Tenterhookshop' after this week. ps just got a copy of your book, which Katie and I are both going to be reading soon.