Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Day 6 in the Big Green Booshop


the morning didn't promise much in the way of progress, as we decided to do a few fiddly jobs, so although it was quite frustrating it was very necessary.
The man from BT arrived on time and fitted the lines for broadband and telephone. He seemed to speak in an alien language that only Tim could understand, but he did the job and nicked off.
We went and did some shopping for primer, gloss paint, and 7 metres of wire, and looked at the possibility of buying some helium from Woolworths.

After a builder's lunch of beef pies from Greg's the bakers, we reached a situation where one corner of the shop was ready for a bit of carpet action. As none of us had ever laid carpet before, it was a bit of trial and error, but with a mixture of guesswork, two big sticks, furious stamping, and by hiding the mistakes the job was done.

We then started to put up a few of the bookcases to see what they looked like(really, this was just to hide the carpet edges). And after an hour or so, this is the result. Our show corner

The electrician turned up at about 6.30pm, and spoke in an alien language that onlt Tim could understand. He's coming back on Thursday evening and has said he'll stay until he's finished. This could mean a long night, so Tim and I have agreed to do shifts on this day (this means that i've arranged to meet a friend in the pub on Thursday evening, and Tim's going to sleep until CBeeBies comes on).

We got home at about 8pm, and I zonked out on the sofa by about 10pm. Katie is without doubt the most patient and understanding person in the world. Almost 5 months pregnant, she works all day, comes and sees me on her way home and cooks for me when she does get home. I'm very lucky and I hope I never take it for granted.

Im typing this on Day 7, which I will post news of later tonight.

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MarkFarley said...

(Speaking in an alien language only booksellers can hear) Wow, look at how many shelves you got up. They look better than when I saw them last!