Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 2 in the Big Green Bookshop


today was more of the same kind of thing. Knocking down stuff and tidying. My superhero name would be 'The Tidier', as Tim and his brother John seem to know far far more than me about building/destruction, so I kind of tidy around them. I think i'm very good at it too.
Tim's superhero name would be 'The Human Crowbar' as he seems to take pleasure in pulling walls down whilst singing as song which he's entitled 'mindless violence'.
John, the one who's holding us together, would be 'The Silent Avenger', as he seems to do all the things that really need doing with the minimum of fuss.
As a superhero team we're invincible. Especially when we get to eat our special scooby snacks, and one of our fantastic friends off facebook brought some for us. Look!!

This is the wonderful Shell Rees-Jones, who made some very very tasty biscuits to keep us going today. They were well yummy. Shell is brilliant and should be applauded as she walks down the road whenever you see her. Don't forget now.

So with our snacks scoffed, we plowed though the rest of the day (no, I can't spell plowed), and this is the result.
We can now see how much space is there. And it should suffice I reckon.

We've now got rid of all the computers (that the internet cafe left) to local scavengers. We're giving the chairs that were left to the library, and we've kept a couple of the PCs for some local charities. It's like Bob Geldof and Bono all rolled into one isn't it?!

we didn't see anyone wee in the lane today. Result.

We got a skip delivered and filled it within minutes and will need another next week. There's a load a stuff to chuck out. There you go, isn't that fascinating.

I also placed all our opening orders with the publishers. They'll arrive at the end of next week (or the beginning of the week after). G de L, you can now process the order I placed with you.

I'm off to Ikea tomorrow to arrange delivery of the bookcases, and Tim's going to carry on being the 'Human Crowbar'.

fare thee well


Nina said...

Hooray for biscuits!
Double hooray for no people weeing in the alleyway! (though when I came home tonight there was someone having a wee in the estate carpark)

Anonymous said...

it's going very well ! congratulations

and thanks to keep us updated :)

Akasha Savage said...

Excellent stuff! All so exciting!!